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   > Conduct negotiations, property acquisitions, and administration services.
   > Plan and coordinate negotiations and acquisitions by setting priorities, overseeing
       appraisals and property negotiations.
   > Provide administration services, preparing and completing agreements, licences
       and other documents in registration format.
   > Provide accurate monthly status reports on the acquisition progress
       and expenditures.
   > Deliver monthly tracking of property acquisitions, fees and property costs against
       project budgets.
   > Complete applications and obtain Agricultural Land Commission approvals.
   > Manage the contracting and review of independent expert reports (e.g. appraisal
       and business valuation reports), and preparation of in-house appraisal reports.
   > Prepare and administer all client approved agreements including interim agreements,
       lease agreements, restrictive covenants, right-of-way indentures and construction
       easements or license of occupation.
   > Consult with conveyancing lawyer to ensure all documents and survey plans are in
       registerable form for filing at the Land Title Office.
   > Meet and liaise with Program Partners, project staff, public and private organizations
       and agencies when required to discuss project deliverables and related issues.
   > Assume the role of property representative on the project team.
   > Review site design, and route selection to establish a preliminary acquisition plan,
       budget and related damage costs.
   > Review property acquisition plans in order to reduce property costs, conflict
       and expropriation.

   > Inspection of properties, preliminary preparation and updating of property cost
, arranging legal surveys and appraisal reports, review of appraisal reports.
   > Review title and survey searches to determine accurate land ownership and
       confirm property interests that may be affected.
   > Estimate Market Value and compensation for property acquisitions.
   > Negotiate full and/or partial fee interests in all types of properties for all types
       of agreements.
   > Procure legal, survey, and appraisal firms to provide surveys, appraisals and
       conveyance services for the project.
   > Organize and procure in-depth land title office research, real estate data and other
       property research for the Project. Provide qualified and experienced property agents.
   > Early liaison with legal, survey, and appraisal firms to establish working relationships.
   > Work with the project’s Community Relations Consultant acting as liaison between
       government and private stakeholders.
   > Provide owner contact reports summarizing communications and negotiations
       with owners.
   > Provide stakeholder reports summarizing discussions with stakeholders.
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