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What do you understand are my needs and my goals?
What sets Zenith apart?
What does 30 years of experience mean to me?
What problems will you solve for me?
Isn’t expropriation just a fact of life in this business?
What do you understand are
MY needs and my goals?

   > Fair and equitable acquisition process.
   > Deal with land owners in a manner that enhances problem solving for both
       the owner and client.
What sets Zenith apart?
   > All consultant’s intend and assert they can deliver the properties on time, but fall
       victim to scope changes and literally run out of time.
   > We set and manage property acquisition timelines leaving enough time for the
       expropriation process if required.

   > Project scope changes often occur. We adapt and provide solutions: by change in
       route, property acquisitions, or design.
What does 30 years of experience mean to me?
   > You expect results.  We provide solutions. Your expectations mean something;
       we manage, meet and exceed them.
   > Solutions for all your property acquisition needs.
   > Long standing relationships with land consultants, appraisers, surveyors,
       and lawyers.
   > Knowledge and understanding of applicable laws, regulations, codes, standards
       and regulations.
   > A team with the extensive experience at successfully acquiring and delivering
       property acquisitions.
   > Delivery of access to the properties on time, on budget and with minimal conflict
       with land owners.
What problems will you solve for me?
   > You are faced with a multi-faceted project where various timelines for construction
       must be met
   > You need a company that has acquired thousands of properties ranging from
       traditional to unconventional property acquisitions.
   > You have a small properties department that is not equipped to deliver the project.
Isn’t expropriation just a fact
of life in this business?

   > Expropriation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We provide solutions for acquisitions
       and expropriation.
   > Land owners do not like expropriation. Zenith works with the property owners
       and our client in order to provide the best solutions to determine and settle damages.
   > Zenith has maintained a less than 5% expropriation rate on thousands of
       property acquisitions.
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