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One of the main issues facing today’s property acquisition projects is delivery of the properties on time for construction or pre-construction purposes, e.g. preload, fisheries window timelines, etc. Although all property acquisition consultants have every intention of delivering the properties on time, many of these consultants literally run out of time, thereby not leaving sufficient time to either deliver the takings by negotiated settlement or by expropriation.
       Over the last 15 years Zenith has acquired over 750 properties for its clients. On these projects, Zenith has maintained a less than 5% expropriation rate. Our success in the acquisition of rights of way clearly demonstrates Zenith’s ability to provide solutions for property acquisitions on time, on budget.
       Zenith’s approach to acquiring properties with committed acquisition dates has proven to be a very effective tool in delivering properties to its client on time, and as a result, on budget.
       All of Zenith’s property acquisition professionals are members of The BC Expropriation Association. Zenith’s principal, Mr. David Wood, AACI, also sat on the Board of Directors of The BC Expropriation Association from 2005 to 2011.

Zenith is experienced, understands, and is very familiar with the expropriation process. Zeniths’ property acquisition professionals can provide expropriation services with respect to:
   > Review and recommendations regarding a course of action in order to avoid
       expropriation. These recommendations will include all possible alternatives in
       order to reduce property costs, conflict and expropriations.
   > In the event of an expropriation, prepare and serve all documentation
       prescribed by the Expropriation Act.
   > Preparation of Section 3 and Section 6 expropriation forms.
   > Preparation and/or commission and review of Section 6 appraisal reports.
   > Instruction of witnesses for B.C. Supreme Court Expropriation trials.
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